The Carlsbad Report – Days On Market Trends for August 2023



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Carlsbad, CA Days on Market Average by Month in 2023

How long it is taking to sell a home based on the homes that closed that month.

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For a little bit of context, here is the same data plus adding the number of sales that have happened each month. 

Average Days on Market plus # of Monthly Sales

Days on Market averages with Number of monthly sales

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The trends don’t follow the average sales price per month. You can see in May of 2023, the average sales price jumped but the days on market and number of sales seemed to hold strong. Keep in mind with only one hundred sales a month or so, these numbers can vary significantly based on what the highest 3 sales were that month. 

Average Sales Price per month in 2023

The Average Residential Sales price in Carlsbad, CA during the last 6 months

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